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Lieber Silk White 6 Gang Dimmer Switch 2 Way Trailing Edge LED 400W - Curved Edge

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Wattage refers to the amount of power drawn by the light bulbs, so it has a direct impact on the type and number of bulbs that you can control with a dimmer switch. “To determine the appropriate wattage capacity for a dimmer switch, calculate the total wattage of the bulbs it will control,” says Jason Brady, owner of Above and Beyond Service Company. “For example, if you have five 60-watt bulbs, the total wattage is 300 watts.” You can then select a dimmer switch that’s capable of handling over 300 watts, because it’s important to leave a safety margin. This high wattage Legrand switch is ideal for 3-way lighting setups. It’s rated to work with loads up to 700W, works with both incandescent and halogen bulbs, and it doesn’t need to be derated when installed in a multi-gang application. That means it’s capable of operating at full capacity regardless of whether it's installed in its own wall box or in a multi-gang box setup. It doesn’t work with either LED or CFL bulbs, so it isn’t the right choice if you don’t plan on using either incandescent or halogen lighting. On the other hand, mains voltage dimmable LED light bulbs and LED light fittings can be comfortably controlled using standard resistive dimmer switches. LED lamps are particularly appealing due to their low energy consumption and high energy efficiency. These dimmers are designed to endure the rush of a current that transformers typically produce during operation, providing a stable and reliable dimming solution. To accomplish this, inductive dimmers are already over-rated, meaning they have a higher VA rating than the wattage of the connected load. This over-rating allows them to cope with the inrush current without compromising the performance or lifespan of the lighting scheme.

For example, the Kasa HS220, our best smart dimmer, works with Alexa and Google Home, but not with HomeKit. If your smart home is powered by Apple’s HomeKit, you’ll find that the Kasa HS220 just won’t work correctly. In that case, consider the very similar Kasa KS220 that works with HomeKit.The Cloudy Bay in Wall Dimmer Switch for LED Lights is a toggle switch with a small dimming slider, and it functions in both single pole and 3-way installations. The dimming slider is a little on the small side, but it doesn’t get in the way of the switch. It’s fully compatible with all Cloudy Bay LED light fixtures right out of the box, and it also includes a trim dial that allows you to adjust it to work well with other fixtures and dimmable LED bulbs. It comes with everything you need to complete the installation, including screws, wire nuts, and even a decorative wall plate. Flexible Lighting Control: You have the convenience of adjusting the light intensity to match your mood or specific tasks, enhancing your home’s comfort and functionality.

However, these attributes can pose a challenge when selecting the correct dimmer switches. For instance, if you are trying to dim a small number of LED lamps, the total wattage might not be sufficient to load the dimmer. Smart home integration can provide you with a lot of options that aren’t available from a traditional dimmer switch. “Smart switches have gained popularity in the era of home automation,” says Brady. “They can be controlled remotely and integrated into smart home systems.” If that sounds interesting, then you may want to consider a smart dimmer. Brady cautions that it's important to pay special attention to compatibility, as smart dimmers are typically designed to work with smart home systems.If you already have a smart home, or you’re in the process of setting one up, this smart dimmer switch from Kasa will make an excellent addition. Installation is simplified by detailed interactive instructions in the Kasa app, it works with several smart home ecosystems, and it connects directly to your wireless network so you don’t need to worry about buying and setting up a separate hub. The SureSlide from Leviton is a slide dimmer first and a light switch second, which is why it’s our favorite slide dimmer switch. Dimming is provided by a large sliding bar that’s easy to operate. It also includes a toggle switch, so you can set your desired dimming level, turn the lights off, and then return directly to your chosen illumination setting the next time you turn the lights on. It works with a variety of bulb types, including compact fluorescent, LED, and incandescent, and you can also install it in both single-pole and 3-way configurations. Although a trailing edge dimmer is considerably more expensive to buy, it has many desirable attributes over its leading edge counterpart and in certain situations may be more appropriate. Inductive Dimmer Switches

Energy Efficiency: Dimmer switches help reduce energy consumption by allowing you to use only the amount of light you need, contributing to a greener environment and lower utility bills. Dimming low voltage LED lamps is easily accomplished with dimmer switches by either adjusting the driver on the primary (mains) side or on the secondary (low voltage) side. Of the two, primary side dimming is preferable and easier to achieve. However, it’s essential that the LED driver is of a constant current type and dimmable. Conclusion The Kasa app works with both Android and iPhone, and it allows you to operate the switch remotely as long as you have internet access, so you technically don’t even need anything but this switch and your phone to get started. It does work with both Alexa and Google Home though, so you can operate the switch with voice commands if you have a compatible smart speaker. Smart home integration also lets you include the switch in daily routines, like turning the lights on or adjusting the illumination level at dusk. Traditional dimmers are only designed to work with incandescent lights, although some also work with halogen, while LED dimmers are designed specifically for LED bulbs. “Traditional dimmers, which typically use knobs, usually absorb the energy not sent to the light,” says Sampayo. “For instance, if you dim your light to 30 percent, the remaining 70 percent is wasted by the regular dimmer in the form of heat. Your energy consumption remains at 100 percent.” That works with incandescent lights that exhibit reduced brightness when provided with less energy, but LED bulbs placed in that same situation won’t light at all, or may exhibit unwanted behaviors. These wattages must always be adhered to and in the case of halogen lamps and capsules must be over-rated by at least 25%. GU10, G9 and GZ10 halogen lamps and capsules tend to arc in the latter part of their life. This is not dangerous in any way and is a characteristic of halogen lamps. This arcing creates an additional load on the dimmer and can overload the module resulting in excess heat and premature failure. The first indication of this happening is an increase in noise, often heard as a buzz from the dimmer switch.

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Toggle: These look like standard toggle light switches, but you can raise and lower the toggle to dim and brighten your lights instead of flipping on and off in two binary positions like you would with a traditional light switch. In other cases, the toggle itself acts as an on/off switch, and you adjust the illumination level with a very small slider that’s located right next to the toggle. These are best for applications where you won’t need to adjust the illumination level every day. They are commonly used to dim most electronic low voltage transformers (ELV) with capacitive loads on the primary circuit. Trailing edge dimmers can also be used to dim incandescent, halogen and LED lamps effectively. They should not be used on older type of magnetic core and coil wire-wound or toroidal transformers.

Improved Atmosphere: The ability to adjust lighting levels allows you to effortlessly create the perfect ambience for any occasion, from a lively dinner party to a peaceful evening reading session.Intelligent Features: Best models feature soft-start and overload protection, which helps improve the lifespan of both lamps and the dimmer switch. These ‘intelligent dimmers’ can protect themselves from failure by turning down or off the lights when too many lights or transformers are mistakenly connected. This is primarily a single pole switch, which means it’s easiest to use in a configuration where it doesn’t share control of the lights with any other switches. It is possible to use in 3-way installations with a mechanical switch, but that takes a little extra work. It requires different wiring from a traditional dimmer switch, so you’ll have to discard your preexisting knowledge and pay close attention to the instructions if you’re familiar with how 3-way wiring is supposed to work. The hidden benefit is that this switch is actually designed for multi-location dimming in up to 10 locations if you use Maestro Companion dimmer switches instead of traditional dimmer or mechanical switches. Trailing edge dimmers are compatible with resistive or capacitive loads and are able reduce the load by shortening the A/C cycle at the trailing edge of the input waveform, hence the term ‘Trailing Edge’. The best of these are marketed as ‘intelligent dimmers’ and feature soft-start and overload protection to improve the life span of both the lamps and the dimmer. If you mistakenly connect too many lights or transformers to an an intelligent dimmer it will protect itself from failure by turning the lights down or off until the load is corrected.

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