Attack on Titan/Survey Corps/Wing Necklace/Silver Blue White/Faux Leather Necklace Jewelry/Otaku/Manga/Anime/Cosplay/Japan/Merchandise/Gift

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Attack on Titan/Survey Corps/Wing Necklace/Silver Blue White/Faux Leather Necklace Jewelry/Otaku/Manga/Anime/Cosplay/Japan/Merchandise/Gift

Attack on Titan/Survey Corps/Wing Necklace/Silver Blue White/Faux Leather Necklace Jewelry/Otaku/Manga/Anime/Cosplay/Japan/Merchandise/Gift

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In the real world, Armin manages to immobilize Eren long enough for Mikasa to enter his Titan's mouth and kill him by severing his head from the spine, before kissing him goodbye.

Grisha Jaeger - Much like his late wife, Grisha was shown to be a very caring parent towards Eren, greatly concerned with his personal development and general well-being. He understood his son's nature very well, and though he would reprimand Eren when he stepped out of line, he was more likely to simply listen to and guide him. Eren seemed to appreciate Grisha for this, and as a result was greatly frustrated and saddened by his sudden disappearance after Wall Maria fell. Upon remembering the mission his father left him before he vanished, Eren expressed anger and bitterness at the fact that Grisha had kept secrets from them, on top of abandoning himself and Mikasa. He also seems to hold to the belief that his father is still alive, at times pondering over his whereabouts and what he had been doing since the fall of Wall Maria. Some time later, Eren wakes up in his bed, having recovered from his injuries. He is aware of Annie being frozen, with Jean confirming that they got nothing from the operation. Unexpectedly, Armin states that Eren is the one who let that happen. After a short hesitation, Eren confirms that upon seeing Annie, he could not move. After Armin and Jean leave, Eren confides to Mikasa about his feelings during the battle. Mikasa expresses herself to be happy that he returned alive. [38] Clash of the Titans arc After the events of Trost, Eren is placed in the custody of the Military Police and kept chained in a dungeon prison cell in the Royal Capital beneath a courtroom. While he is there, he is paid a visit by Commander Erwin Smith and Captain Levi. Upon hearing his motive to kill Titans, Levi says he will accept him into the Scout Regiment. Eren is left there for some time before being escorted by Scout Regiment members to the courtroom where he was tried, with Premier Dhalis Zachary preceding over events.Whilst assuming his Titan form, Eren seemed to become more savage, bloodthirsty, and all-around uncontrollable. Though he was able to consciously control his Titan body after the struggle for Trost, he could very easily become caught up in the pleasure of slaughtering his enemies, smiling as he prepared to torture or kill them, and indulging in thoughts so brutal he gave the impression of being insane. [37] [38] Thanks to Eren's hardening experiments, a Titan guillotine is developed, giving soldiers a reusable weapon to safely kill Titans without risking their lives. However, creating the materials for one puts a strain on Eren's body. Eren had been noted to be quite charismatic and had a talent for delivering impassioned speeches, often unwittingly managing to persuade the mass of his listeners to sympathize with his point of view. Even Jean Kirschtein, his bitter rival, has admitted this, as he convinced over half a dozen recruits to consider joining the Scout Regiment before the Battle of Trost. [30] Four years later, he made use of this skill consciously, as shown when he easily lifts Falco's spirits and convinces him to deliver a letter outside of Liberio, despite the fact that Eldians are usually forbidden from leaving the internment zone. [8]

An interview with Isayama's editor in Otomedia's October 2013 issue revealed Isayama originally intended for Eren to have known all along that he was a Titan, but scratched the idea. [93] Eren obtained the power of the War Hammer Titan during the Raid on Liberio by devouring Lara Tybur. He was capable of using the War Hammer's abilities to create numerous weapons and structures. During the night, the group is ambushed while they sleep. Held at gunpoint, they are unable to do anything as the thieves carry off their ODM gear and Christa Lenz. Marco Bodt suggests abandoning the mission and getting help from Sadies, but Eren convinces the group to help him chase down the thieves before they can get away. Sasha suggests using a higher vantage point to look for the bandits, and the group is able to successfully locate where the thieves are camping for the night.In response to the crisis, the new recruits are split into squads in charge of defending different parts of the city. Despite their nerves, Eren's squad enters the battle in high spirits, viewing the upcoming battle as an opportunity to prove their mettle as soldiers before they enter the Scouts. However, things immediately take a turn for the worst when Thomas Wagner is devoured. Enraged, Eren tries to kill the Titan, only to be incapacitated by a second Titan biting off his leg. Eren regains consciousness just in time to save Armin from being eaten, being swallowed himself in the process. After the fall of Wall Maria, Eren, Mikasa, and Armin briefly stay in a landfill working on a farm before reaching the proper age to enroll in the military.

Soon afterward, his father, Grisha Jaeger, found him and gave him the key to his basement, instructing Eren to find it at all costs and retake Wall Maria. He then injected Eren with a Titan injection. [28] Petra Rall - Among the members of the squad assigned to protect Eren, Petra seemed to be the one closest to him. She was among the least eccentric and most friendly of the members, and Eren admired her not only for her skill but for her open acceptance of him as a comrade as well. Witnessing her demise at the hands of the Female Titan was a devastating blow to him, and he remains remorseful of making the decision that led to her death. SnK News: Isayama Hajime Interview in Weekly Shonen Magazine 2017 Issue No. 41". fuku-shuu. Retrieved on January 11, 2021. Because of this, Isayama has stated that he did not expect Eren to be popular with readers and has cited his popularity as being a greater surprise than any other character's.

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By the time Eren infiltrated Marley in the year 854, he had grown visibly taller, and his hair had grown down to shoulder length. He had a slight mustache and goatee, as well as bandages that covered his forehead and left eye. To maintain his cover, he wore the Eldian armband around his left arm, though he had initially worn the armband around his right arm before it got corrected by Falco Grice. [24] Later when he was imprisoned for the second time following his infiltration in Marley, he tied his shoulder length hair into a man-bun style which shows two of his small fringes in each sides and being cleanly shaved. While traveling on foot under the cover of night, Eren apologizes to Mikasa, who is escorting his horse in addition to her own, but she insists that he save his energy so that he can seal Wall Maria. Eren is surprised to find himself shaking in anticipation. He insists that he is just shaking from the cold, but Armin reassures him that it is normal to feel scared of the Titans and reminds Eren of when he was nearly eaten during the Battle for Trost. Eren reveals that he sacrificed himself to save Armin that day because he had remembered the first time Armin told him about the outside world, which had caused him to realize just how much the Titans had taken from the humans. Eren and Mikasa scare off bullies harassing their neighborhood friend Armin Arlelt. Eren offers Armin a hand but Armin rejects, expressing discontent with his abilities to protect himself and admits he is weak. The three stroll through Shiganshina and settle by the riverbank, where Eren reveals his intentions of joining the Scout Regiment to Armin. The graduation of the cadets draws closer until Eren finally graduates in the top 10 of the 104th Cadet Corps. After graduation, he is assigned to clean the cannons atop Wall Rose with Sasha, Conny, and a few others. There they witness the return of the Colossal Titan, who has not been seen in the last five years. [30] Distress Roughly a year later Floch allows Yelena to discreetly meet with Eren at least once during a festival in Trost. Yelena explains Zeke's plan to euthanize the Eldian race along with his plan to feed his spinal fluid to the Military's officers so that they will not be able to oppose his or Eren's movements. Yelena would later deny advising him to infiltrate Marley on his own. Eren also learns from Yelena that Zeke wishes to speak with him in regards to his true intentions to free Paradis.

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