BMTick Glass Bong Metal Gauze Screen (x 25) Filter Kit (Easy Fit Concave Shape)

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BMTick Glass Bong Metal Gauze Screen (x 25) Filter Kit (Easy Fit Concave Shape)

BMTick Glass Bong Metal Gauze Screen (x 25) Filter Kit (Easy Fit Concave Shape)

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This amazing brand created fun and creative bongs that make your smoking session simple without taking the colorful side of it. You can use your MouthPeace by putting a freshly rolled fatty into the small end tip of the silicone. Just the same as using a MouthPeace with a bong, you can enjoy a blunt in rotation with others! Before you get ready to spark up, get that triple layered carbon filter in place and you’re set to rip!

Inline: This type has many holes placed in a linear pattern. Inline style is believed to offer a more heightened flavor because of the dispersal of the smoke when it passes through the holes. For flavor and cloud chasers, there’s no substitute for percolators. Our bong perc attachments add more filtration, deliver smoother, tastier hits, and keep your bong water way cleaner, too. We have tons of percolator attachments for bongs, including showerhead diffusers, honeycomb percs, and other recyclers for maximum filtration and enjoyment. Buy Smoking Accessories Online As increasing states legalize cannabis in the United States by 2022, we can expect a better smoking experience overall. Water chamber bong filters have been used for hundreds of years, and combining them with a bong carbon filter is the optimal way to smoke weed. Let's look at some of the advantages of using a carbon filter when smoking marijuana. Reduce Tar Intake I started smoking weed a year ago for chronic stomach pain, one of my least favorite things about it was coughing from how it burned. I didn’t think much about it myself as no one had ever talked about not coughing from smoking. I figured it was normal.Even if you didn’t break your old bowl, spare glass bowls can be useful. A larger glass bowl or party bowl is perfect for group smoking sessions, while regular smokers might like having several glass bowls on hand. What Are Glass Domes For Contrary to what some think, a bong filter will allow for THC molecules to make their way through to penetrate the lungs. Some stoners that have never used a triple layer carbon filter have raised the question that maybe they won’t get as high using a filter for their piece because it filters out the THC. Do not be fooled! THC molecules are extremely small, especially compared to much larger resin and tar particles. The carbon filter will allow THC molecules through while trapping harmful resin and tar. Win, win! How to Use a Carbon Filter With a Bong Although very different, all of these are meant to be attached to the bong before smoking and then removed once your session’s over. They process the smoke you ingest, making it smoother, healthier, and cooler. Carbon Filters and Pipe Screens Carbon filters and pipe screens function similarly. They are like small sieves that you insert either at the mouthpiece, or between the chamber and the downstem. Carbon filters and screens prevent bong water and resin, ash, and other micro-substances from entering your mouth. Some of them also cool down the smoke, making it more accessible. These are especially useful for smokers who have asthma. Water Filters - Percolators and Diffused Downstems Another helpful type of bong filter is a water filter, which filters the bong water as the name suggests. Percs have more or less the same function, which may come as separate attachments, or integrated parts of your bong (or downstem). Percs come in various shapes and sizes, such as: Like dropdowns, glass adapters work with glass pipes and water pipes. Dropdowns bridge not only the size gap, but also the gender gap; for example, glass adapters allow you to use male bowls on male pipes. Shop Hard to Find Bong Accessories

One other risk to keep in mind is related to the use of plastic bongs. Plastics that contain chemicals like BPA and phthalates have been linked to adverse health effects, including cancer. Downstem : This refers to a generally small glass tube with slits that allow the creation of bubbles. In some cases, the portion with slits is submerged underwater inside the bong. Here are the top bong accessories and add-ons you’ll find while shopping an online smoke shop, and what they do: A screen keeps a lot of unwanted substances such as ash from entering the smoker’s mouth. Even if you are only using a water pipe where ash isn’t a problem, a screen can help to keep the water clean and minimize waste. Why do I need a Pipe Screen?

That being said, glass isn’t always the safest material if you’re looking for a portable smoking solution. Acrylic bongs and silicone bongs are a more durable option and can be great for use on the go, making them an ideal solution for more active and adventurous smokers. Bong health risks aside, depending on where you live and local laws, having a bong with marijuana in it or even just some residue could get you in legal hot water.

The MouthPeace is very simple to use. Simply load the activated carbon filter into the silicone mouthpiece. The filter will fit into the piece effortlessly. Then take the mouthpiece and place it on top of the bong mouth, pointy side down. The flexibility and shape of the piece will allow you to adjust it so it fits tightly and securely. Then simply take the hit as you would normally. The MouthPeace will do the rest of the work for you. Cannabinoids, as we mentioned earlier, aren’t water-soluble. If you want to get high from eating or drinking cannabis, you need to heat and mix it with some kind of fat. If you really want to drink your own cannabis, consider mixing some cannabutter or oil with honey and use it to sweeten your warm drink of choice, or use cannabis-infused chocolate to make yourself a hot chocolate! The Benefits of Changing Bong Water Regularly You still may not want to waste the water, however, and may be wondering whether you could give it to your plants. Again, it helps to think of the water in your bong like the filter tip of a cigarette; just like cigarette butts have no place in your garden, nor does bong water. Unfortunately, there is no real practical use for bong water other than flushing it down the drain. How To Keep Your Bong CleanMatrix: This perc has a cylindrical shape and focuses at the center of the bong’s base. It has horizontal and vertical slits, allowing greater diffusion. Using a bong carbon filter like MouthPeace, created by Moose Labs, is a surefire way to keep your body and lungs healthy while still getting as lifted as desired.

With a bong, you inhale the smoke through the top of the bong tube. Water pipes, on the other hand, incorporate a straw or a pipe in their design that protrudes at an angle through the side of the device. What is the difference between a bubbler & a bong? Nails. Just like a banger, you can add a titanium, ceramic, or quartz nail attachment to any bong to convert it into a dab rig. If the glass bowl is the only part of the bong that’s broken, a new bowl is really all you need. Remove the old bowl and replace it with the new glass bowl inserted inside the downstem. Glass bongs are surprisingly durable, and they don't get burn marks. You can use the same glass bong for years without experiencing any inconvenience when maintained correctly. High-Quality Glass BongsAfter the first use of a bong carbon filter, you can actually see the resin buildup, just from one sesh. You can see the results with your own eyes. And your lungs will thank you! Showerhead: This perc has a long tube attached to the main chamber. It has several slits in control of the quality of diffusion. Furthermore, the number of diffusions defines the quality of hit it may produce. Better filtration: Clean water is more effective at filtering toxins and irritating compounds (like ash and leftover plant matter) from smoke. Make sure to change your bong water regularly to enjoy the best filtration from your bong. Remember that activated carbon absorbs odors. Your bong water usually has an odor, and the filter captures all of those odors, allowing you to taste the terpenes in your cannabis.

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