Heart of My Monster: A Dark Mafia Romance (Monster Trilogy Book 3)

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Heart of My Monster: A Dark Mafia Romance (Monster Trilogy Book 3)

Heart of My Monster: A Dark Mafia Romance (Monster Trilogy Book 3)

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It’s safe to say the timeline for the first book is before any of the events of Deception trilogy/ Thrones duet happens ! He is an efficient captain for one, we love a smart man, and his dirty talk didn't leave me completely impartial either. Hearing "Solnyshko" falling from his lips... Mans knows his game, gotta hand it to him. 👄👄 Sasha's uncle wasn't a great person, but at least he did one thing that was worth some applause in this book, and that was putting a bullet through Babushka's head.

Anton raises a perfect brow. “Shouldn’t I be the one who asks that? Aren’t you supposed to be waiting inside like Mama said?”

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Sasha’s reluctance 😅. I like that she didn’t cave right away and TRIED (bahahaha. Tried 🤣) to not have BBS. That’s why it takes time for them to finally reunite all the way 💁🏻‍♀️ This book was amazing! I was hesitant to start this trilogy, but this book turned out to be super captivating. I enjoyed every second of reading it. Everything is explained so simply, though the main element in the story—disguising—is quite unrealistic. I'm going to overlook that because, yes, things like that happen in books 😗 Not everyone has perfect families. normalise having shitty attitudes towards shitty parents and not feeling obligated to them simply for existing.

Look, if I got raped for YEARS, and was forced to give birth to the results of my assault, I'd hate those children too. Me preocupaba un poco que después de la cagada que se mandó Kirill en el desenlace de Lies of My Monster, Sasha no lo hiciera sufrir lo suficiente en este libro antes de perdonarlo. Me decepciona un montón cuando los o las autoras plantean conflictos de este estilo entre su pareja amorosa para en la siguiente novela resolver todo con unas pocas palabras y besos dulces. Me alegra comunicarles señoritas que disfrutan del angst al igual que yo, que Kirill sufre intensamente antes de volver a ver a Sasha e, incluso, cuando se reencuentran. Hasta me atrevería a decir que padece de más teniendo en cuenta que el pecado que todos le atribuimos en el final de la segunda novela no era tan grave como parecía. Igual no me quejo porque amo ser testigo del sufrimiento de varones mentirosos que se tienen que GANAR con gran esfuerzo la confianza de sus mujeres. Sea un poquitín exagerada o no la causa del conflicto. Honestly their sexual tension was everything and I loved how there was no mention of any other woman during the entire book, he is utterly obsessed and madly desperate for Sasha and any alone time together. They keep their sexual relationship going for MONTHS but we also find out he wants to put a wall between them. He never spends the night in bed with her or opens up to her....it's hopefully going to change in the upcoming books. As I sprint the length of the vast garden, my breath catches at the sight of the gigantic trees surrounding the property and the calming white that extends as far as the eye can see. This book takes place first in the army. A few months over goes by and they end up in the failed mission.we didn’t even get AdrianLia crumbs like wtf ???? what did i do to deserve this 🥸 but the minimal Adrian cameos we did get served CUNT, served REALNESS: Is the first full length mafia romance book in the (Monster) Trilogy. Spoken in Dual Perspectives. In this you'll meet Sasha aka Priv I'm so glad the book ended well, and it was great! I wanted more scenes of Kirill taking care of Sasha during her pregnancy, but obviously, we don't always get what we want 😮‍💨

We do know that in book 3 that she refers to her ''monster'' as her husband soooo how do they get to that? Is she finally revealed as a woman? The love that these two shares is so powerful, it's a once in a lifetime kind of love. These two are so consumed by each other that you don't know where one starts and the other begins. There is no Kirill without Sasha and no Sasha without Kirill. I loved seeing the lengths Kirill will go for Sasha. We get to see more give from him, how he'd give up everything for her. How he puts her first and worships her, like I knew he would. He builds Sasha up into the Queen she was always meant to be.As for Sasha, she is strong, fierce, loyal and a complete spitfire. She absolutely complements Kirill and is his equal in every way that matters. I love how she is able to bring out the soft side of him. These two are the perfect pair and I absolutely loved reading their story. Plus the pure comedy of RK believing that she knows how to write dark male characters never ceases to amuse me. 😂 It's ALMOST endearing, that ABSOLUTE DELUSION she harbors. The only triggering factor in her books that might actually cause a real long-lasting damage is that writing style of hers.:D These two have got to get their communication skills to a better level and what better way to do that than to take her to a secluded cabin for weeks and reignite their fire for each other? This is one, dark, twisty Mafia romance you do not want to miss! You will devour this trilogy and be left catching your breath and reflecting on the entire plot line. Bravo, 𝐑𝐢𝐧𝐚 𝐊𝐞𝐧𝐭! Bravo!

Sasha, this cutie 😭 Sasha, disguised as a boy named Aleksander, is in the military to get closer to higher-ups and gather information about her family's massacre, to seek revenge on those responsible. Her sole purpose is revenge! I personally loved her character, and while she had some characteristics similar to Rina's fmcs, she was unique. She had a great childhood with her best brothers and cousins... until they were all killed when she was 16. I admired how she aimed to become stronger every day, pursuing her goals regardless of others' opinions! 💗

Sasha and Kirill ✨ a match made in heaven ✨ both of their dumbass energy matches the other and it’s a sight to behold. 😌 The last chapter is basically Sasha asking for 3 days off to go on holiday and Kirill surprisingly accepts and even drives her to the airport. He is silent the entire time and it's awkward until their reach the airport and he begged her to not go. Okay so Imma say something positive now because I need to explain the 3 stars. Was this book a bunch of cliche clumped together? Yea, but it was entertaining. And Kirill was cute sometimes. Does Kirill escape with the help of Sasha and plot to destroy her uncle when the real truth is revealed? The Hero: Kirill - He is the heir to a Russian mafia family in the U.S. To get away from his father, he joined the Russian Army and is now a captain of the special ops. He is every bit as dangerous as that sounds and has honed his body into a killing machine. He is surrounded by loyal men in his unit.

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