Hi-Gear 10 Litre Lightweight Portable Flushing Toilet, Camping Toilet, Emergency Toilet, Ideal for Camping, Festivals, Fishing Trips and Travelling, Camping Equipment

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Hi-Gear 10 Litre Lightweight Portable Flushing Toilet, Camping Toilet, Emergency Toilet, Ideal for Camping, Festivals, Fishing Trips and Travelling, Camping Equipment

Hi-Gear 10 Litre Lightweight Portable Flushing Toilet, Camping Toilet, Emergency Toilet, Ideal for Camping, Festivals, Fishing Trips and Travelling, Camping Equipment

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I’ve had 4 camp toilets in my camping lifetime. Before you think I have a weird camp loo fetish, let me explain. The 7.5l urine container should be emptied daily where possible – not in inland waterways where the nitrogen acts as food for algae. The time taken to fill the solids tank will vary with use. On weekend boats, the solids tank might last a season. On liveaboard boats it might need to be emptied every three to four weeks. The composting toilet is an eco-friendly alternative to the classic chemical toilet. It’s a ‘dry toilet’ so requires no water or chemicals. Also referred to as a ‘urine-diverter’, composting toilets work by separating solids from liquids, directing each to a specific container for easier management and odour control. If the toilet is just to be used in moments of desperation then there is no reason why you can’t find a temporary spot inside your tent or campervan to work your magic – we’ve tried this approach and found that it’s a good idea to tell anyone you’re travelling with to keep away in moments like these – danger zone! You can get to know your own family a bit too well under such circumstances! For a different twist on the camping toilet genre, how about going full on Eco-Warrior with the Blue Diamond Composting Toilet?

Emptying the 335 requires some dexterity when it’s fully ‘utilized’. It can get a bit heavy, although you only have to carry the lower half to the Elsan point and this also includes a handy spout for emptying. Hold your nose and look away! The Carplife loo was originally designed for anglers (hence ‘carp’) but can equally be commandeered by the camping brigade. The Thetford 565E feels like a proper loo. You sit up high and can occasionally start imagining you’re a king or queen sat on the throne. In fact I did start humming a few Elvis numbers until I remembered what happened to him on his final day. The 565E has a cool little hatch too which opens to reveal your toilet roll, ready for action. They tend to be quite bulky, so you’ll need to ensure you have enough space in your car to transport one. This loo has recently been redesigned after some owners reported a bad seal between the lid and seat, but our review unit was strong and very comfortable to sit on (mind the silent ‘h’ there). Height is an excellent 41cm off the ground and so you don’t feel like a naughty kid conducting toilet training.

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With the outer lid up, there is a proper toilet seat available inside which can be also lifted up if required. It then rests inside the outer lid neatly. Some things in life shouldn’t be complicated too much. The Carplife Bivvy Loo takes that mantra and applies it to one of life’s essential processes. The end result is a camping toilet which does its job well, can be folded away unobtrusively and renders the ‘end product’ biodegradable too – we love the simplicity of it. Decathlon’s Compact Folding Dry Toilet comes with a lid and is used with a 40-50l toilet bag and sawdust (bought separately). The Campinggaz portable toilet is aimed towards the latter half of that trade-off and gives real toilet comfort for an excellent (in our opinion) price. The downside is the size of the thing for transportation. Originally made for anglers, it’s been a gamechanger for wild campers, festival goers and overland drivers. It contains 12 compostable liner bags with sachets of powder, each capable of turning up to 2 litres of waste into manageable gel, plus 40 biodegradable wipes.

This separation prevents the need for water or chemicals, and combined with coffee chaff or sawdust, both dries out the waste and masks the smell. Toilet paper should be kept separate as this takes longer to decompose. Odours are removed with a 12V fan which can be powered by a 12v battery, solar panel or plugged in to the mains with a 230v adaptor. The liner bags contain special powder which combines with the waste to produce a neutral end gel. The bags can then be safely disposed of in any bin. This is really useful and means you don’t have to search around for an Elsan point or dog waste bin. Portable toilets come in all shapes and sizes and you need to decide quite early on in the buying process what exactly you are looking for. Do you want a toilet to hide away, or do you want it to feel more sturdy and closer to the comforts of home? As mentioned many times on Camping Secrets, we love our little Mercedes campervan . However it does not have an on-board loo which can limit the places we can stay – step forward the Thetford Porta Potti Qube 335 which measures only 31.3 x 34.2 x 38.2 cm and works really well.

But the times they are a-changing. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced everybody to reassess their hygiene habits in a world where it seems like more people than ever are camping or pursuing outdoor hobbies such as fishing, hunting or mountain biking.

Big family tents will often have several different rooms or even a side entrance that you could use as a makeshift bathroom. or you can buy stand-alone toilet or utility tents. Options range from regular commode liners to compostable toilet bags such as these by Better Boat . They can be heavy when full, especially if you go for a camp loo with a large waste holding tank, you can pop them on a rolling trolley though if the carrying weight is a real problem. When folded it takes up very little space, but expands to a height of 1.9m and over a square metre of floor space. The updated model we had to review included a rain cover which could be used to cover a mesh opening at the top of the tent. The mesh is useful to allow unpleasant odours to escape! Although you’ll find all sorts of pop-up and emergency toilets, ranging from stools with a bag hanging underneath, to folding cardboard boxes and chamber pot style containers, for family campers, I believe there are only really 2 sensible camp toilet choices.At the top end of the market, Thetford’s Porta Potti 565 has an electric (battery-powered) flush or manual. If the Air Head is on the large side, another option, recommended by boat owner Andrew Polson is the Simploo Waterless Composting Toilet, which is made in the UK.

If you’re limited on space, a collapsible camping toilet such as the Carplife Bivvy loo is a good idea, as this will fold up easily and include a seat and a waste bag.The outer section has a lid which allows access to the inside where the action takes place. There are also a couple of carry handles for moving the toilet around. So, whether you’re weekending in a marina, alone on an anchorage, DIY-ing in a boatyard or camping with a trailer-sailer there’s a portable toilet for you.

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