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The Morganville Vampires Collection 15 Books Set,

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Os personagens também me agradaram muito. Me identifiquei muito com Claire (ela tem 16 anos, e li o livro aos 16 anos), com alguns pensamentos dela e com atitudes também. (Li muitas resenhas dizendo que ela agia com imaturidade, realmente, ela agia, eu agi... me apontem uma pessoa de 16 anos que nunca agiu com imaturidade!) Eve é aquela personagem que você queria tanto que fosse sua amiga, sempre companheira, louca e engraçada, identifiquei várias amigas minhas em Eve. Michael me arrancou suspiros, mas Shane, oh Shane, me apaixonei perdidamente por ele - e ainda mais por, na minha cabeça, ele ser uma réplica do Alex Band em 2002 - crazy thing: enquanto estou escrevendo a resenha, o iTunes tocou Could it be any harder, do The Calling, no random!). I really like the human detectives Lowe and Hess. They helped me to believe that all is not corrupt amongst the humans living in Morganville. There is hope that humans can help each other, aren't afraid to try and do the small bit they can.

Shane has seen some very dark days of his own and only knows too well the dangers, lurking. Claire is oblivious but is a fast learner. She has to be. Took me a while to get into the writing. As soon as the plot took shape though I had no problem with it. Shane’s father , I can understand his state of mind with his daughter and wife, but I think his mind may have crossed the line into forgetting he has a son, somebody that he should be loving ,not pushing away with blind fury and possibly ending up a bit unstable in the brain department. His devotion to his cause is getting out of control. It’s hurting who he should love, deeply and his methods!!! a b Martindale, David (July 9, 2009). "Third name is the charm for woman who was leery of being author". Fort Worth Star-Telegram.Also, Claire does not seem to be taking English courses. Odd, for someone who claims to be well-versed in the classics. And that's another thing- she's casually arrogant about being smart. 'Not everyone is up on the classics- except freaks like me.' 'I corrected Monica on the fact that WWII wasn't about China, but the people around her probably didn't know what it was anyway.' Ms. Caine, are we supposed to believe Claire is smart because she puts down all these other people? Are we supposed to accept that just because she thinks- thinks, and has no real reason to know- they don't know something, they actually don't? She's not even snooty, which I could live with- she's just utterly convinced of her own superiority, and it comes out in annoying little moments.)

The small College town of Morganville is not what it seems. It has very, very dark secrets. Morganville is not safe after dark, unless you have protection, even that can be revoked. Morganville is a small town filled with unusual characters - when the sun goes down, the bad come out. In Morganville, there is an evil that lurks in the darkest shadows - one that will spill out into the bright light of day. I first read the Morganville Vampires series about four years ago, at the beginning of my experience with Paranormal and Urban-Fantasy. At the time I though Twilight and The House of Night were THE SHIT so this wasn't my favorite because it's much darker. But now, 4 years later, I still like this when I can't even stand to read the first book of the other two series.

Alas, because her parents are criminally stupid (and apparently enjoy setting fire to money) they sent her to Texas Prairie University, after allowing her to apply to MIT, Yale, Harvard, (and a slew of other high power schools) and getting her acceptance letters to said schools. Apparently they want to keep their sixteen-year-old baby close to home, but living in the dorm of a notorious party school.

There is no real romance, some looks between characters, hand holding, bit of smooching, but Claire is ‘jail bait’ , so understandable. The human characters are as well written as the vampires too. After reading the books you almost hope you have friends like Michael, Eve and Shane. Claire…she is okay but I think she’s too stubborn to a point of pathetic when she foolishly kept insisting on going to school when she knew her life is in danger. The same thing happened too many times and you have to start wonder why that supposedly smart girl seemingly still hadn’t learned her lesson. Myrnin's Lab is the place that Claire works at in Midnight Alley. It is also home to her boss Myrnin also known as the 'Trapdoor Spider'. It is located next to the Day house, secretly hidden from everyone but those Amelie wishes to share this information with. It is rumored if you happen to walk down there Myrnin will feast on the unprotected, which he can tell if you're not, without looking for a bracelet. Myrnin's Lab is a place of work for sciences, mostly alchemy. Desde la primera página nos hacen saber que Claire, la protagonista, es una genia. Es tan inteligente que a pesar de tener solo 16 años ya está en la universidad. Es tan inteligente que ve clases avanzadas de física, química y bioquímica. Es tan inteligente que te lo van a recordar a todo lo largo de libro... mientras Claire hace una estupidez tras otra.I thought the Glass' house looks like the house above. It was walled with mirror and windows. Don't blame me guys, but it was the author's fault, I don't know that it was Michael's surname. But I want to have one of those glass houses. The only character that I really disliked was Eve,in the first book Fade Out she is a total bitch mostly to Claire and she wasn't that angry when she found out what Kim was doing.In the second book she is simply an hysterical bitch, she just sobs and after that Claire helps getting them out of a bad situation she calls her a coward.Claire who just saved their asses!And yeah for the rest she is sobbing and being very useful, not!Claire could have a better friend just saying....

Richard Morrell was the town's mayor, after his father's death. He is also Monica's brother. It is implied that he and Hannah have feelings for each other but nothing comes of it as he is killed by the draug. Things to know: 1) Eve’s new friend is a bitch, 2) Morley is an important character, 3) Amelie is being suicidal, 4) Ada is evil, and 5) Myrnin may be cured, but he is still crazy-ish. Claire ends up staying with these "cool" "alternative" kids in a place called The Glass House, which is amusing for two reasons: 1) The Glass House (2001) is the name of a so-bad-it's-good horror thriller and 2) it is incredibly dated with what passes for cool. Not only is the "it's so lame to be smart" thing outdated, but Claire's new reject friends are a Goth, a musician, and a punk-ish tough guy. It's so early 2000s that it almost physically hurts, you guys. Her new friends tell her about how the town is run (by vampires) and this is arguably the most interesting aspect of the story, because I thought Caine did vampire politics in a relatively interesting way. The vampires own the city, and the cops. Important humans have Protection in the form of bracelets (basically: do not bite) and can carry over to family members, but like health insurance, expire when the wearer turns 18 (yet another reason this story is dated - thanks, Obamacare!). The best way to avoid being bitten is to stay off their radar, play by the rules, be home before curfew, and oh, yeah, don't invite them in.

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In "Kiss of Death" Claire and her friends are going on a trip outside of Morganville to Dallas. Their scope is to record Michale's CD but think they start complicating from the moment they leave town with Oliver in the car. Things become even worse when they get in Texas waiting for Oliver to resolve some of his problems. They realized that this was not a town for them and Michale has not the power over human with his words that he use to have in Morganville. The story eventually leads to a rollercoaster of action, fear, and danger, with a resolution that excites readers for the next book. While the book can be read as a standalone novel, there are hints of future plot developments that will continue into the next one. 8. Kiss of Death

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