Airmaster AIRFW400 Frost Watch Convector Heater 520W, White

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Airmaster AIRFW400 Frost Watch Convector Heater 520W, White

Airmaster AIRFW400 Frost Watch Convector Heater 520W, White

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These nifty little heaters are a great – and relatively inexpensive – solution to keeping your greenhouse warm in the winter. Some outbuildings are looked upon as no-go destinations for many standard electric heaters. That’s because of the flammability of a wooden shed or loft. Simple; by installing the best greenhouse heater you can get your hands on. A great heater will not only help provide the ideal temperature for your plants, but also counteract a host of other issues such as poor greenhouse insulation. Similarly, greenhouse heaters protect tender seedlings from severe temperature drops and extend your growing season even into the coldest months. This is where the Dimplex Coldwatcher comes in. It’s tailored to suit those lesser-used spaces. Designed to protect water pipes using just enough heat. Keeping both pipes and the spaces around them at a suitable and workable temperature.

Most manufacturer’s seem to recommend about 300w of electric heating for a 24 square foot greenhouse, and this goes up incrementally with the size of the greenhouse. When it comes to heating, many of us by design overlook certain spots. Instead, of heating those very areas that will feel the impact most.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cold weather can often lead to damp as well as condensation. And, even water damage as a result of burst pipes. Some people use the garage only for parking their car. But others, use it as a storage unit, home gym, workshop or something similar. Whatever you use yours for, chances are, you need a garage heater. For one thing, warm cars start better, run better and are more comfortable. The worse possible way, to start your day, is by climbing into a freezing cold car. Cold car seats and a frosty interior are not very pleasant. And, most garages contain either pipes, tools or furnishings. They all need protection from the cold. From a financial point of view, the best garage heater is an electric garage heater. So, if your garage does contain water pipes and is used to park your car, make sure it has a frost setting. The Dimplex Coldwatcher garage heater is perfect for the job. It will switch on when the temperature drops very low – about 7 degrees. Then turn off again when it rises, making it very cheap to operate. What is the safest heater for a shed? They’re designed for use at work or at home. The Dimplex Coldwatcher will provide localised heat with instant benefits. They will warm your ice-cold fingers and toes. And, stop water pipes from freezing and warm-up frosty windows. A Dimplex Electric Heater Solution What the Coldwatcher offers is much the same as other electric heaters. But, in a variety of different formats. It can switch on when the temperature gets too low and switch off when it gets too high. You should always remember that you need to light the burner when it is in its final position, and not carry it around when lit.

We start off with what is hands down the best and most advanced greenhouse heater in the UK. Compact, energy efficient, incredibly powerful and as safe as it gets, the Bio Green PAL 2KW Palma Heater is an excellent addition to any greenhouse, workshop, garage, basement, or outbuilding. Boasting of stainless steel construction and a robust build quality, it’s definitely engineered to last. The idea of heating a loft, basement or outbuildings are often dismissed. Many of us believe that these areas do not need heating.While guarding the water pipes they can help dry the washing as well. After all, during the colder months, how long does it take to dry clothes left hanging overnight. Most of the time daybreak will find them cold, damp and uncomfortable to wear? The Dimplex Coldwatcher is a much under-used electric heater. Many people don’t even know this type of heater exists. But, they’re very popular with electrical wholesalers. Mainly, because of our varied customer base. Greenhouse heaters are either powered by electricity, propane gas, mains gas or paraffin. But, the electric greenhouse heater is the cleanest of the group. When using gas and paraffin heaters, there is always a health risk from smoke and fumes. And so, a ventilation system of some sort is essential. Extractor fans can remove toxic fumes but they also remove the heat as well. And, both heaters have manual controls so they need monitoring. Dimplex Coldwatcher electric greenhouse heaters have a frost stat and a temperature stat as well. So, heat’s provided only when needed, keeping running costs low. The frost stat will protect the greenhouse in cold snaps. The temperature stat will keep it warm at affordable prices. How can I heat my garage cheaply? Your heating needs will also depend on the type of greenhouse heater you want to get – are you using a paraffin heater? An electric heater? Or a gas heater? There are other examples of the Dimplex Coldwatcher benefiting homeowners. During cold weather, you can use it in the laundry room. Or, anywhere that laundry is left to dry or pipes need protecting.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your plants alive in the greenhouse but don’t have a lot of money to work with, then we’ve got the perfect heater for you. You don’t always have to go for expensive electric heaters to get results; especially not when you can get a paraffin model for half the price. This depends entirely on your greenhouse. If you have acres and acres of land and vast polytunnels, then you will need a bigger heater than someone who is heating a tiny space at the bottom of the garden! The Dimplex Coldwatcher is the best frost protection heater. The Coldwatcher is top of its game because as well as protecting all your indoor spaces. It’s used for monitoring greenhouses and sheds. There is nothing more versatile than a Dimplex Coldwatcher electric heater. They provide fast and effective heat to warm up any chilly room or space.The Coldwatcher is designed to do a lot more than warm cold feet and hands. The Dimplex Coldwatcher takes a wider view of cold weather. It understands not only the effect it has on people and equipment. But also, the impact it can have on their property as well.

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