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Husqvarna 970471745 18V Automower 415X Lithium-Ion 0.4 Acre Cordless Robotic Lawn Mower Kit (2 Ah)

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Looking at the 415X it looks compact and stealthy while at the same time being light-weight and sturdy. Its smaller than 430X, and IPX5 so you can wash it with your garden hose. We really feel the design is appealing. You also find a dedicated power switch meant to be used when you do maintenance work on the robot or when you store it during the offseason. If you have a somewhat complex lawn you will want a robot lawn mower that is reliable, and this one sure is. Husqvarna has multiple robot lawn mower series. The first number in the models name indicates how advanced it is, and that translates to how big lawn it can mow, how many features it has available and for whom it’s intended.

We review Husqvarna Automower 415X, the smallest premium robot lawn mower in the Husqvarna 400 series. Images, videos and in-depth testing! The aforementioned application can be used to access the exact GPS location of the robot mower, giving you piece of mind wherever you are in the world.Automower® 415X includes an anti-theft alarm that will sound whenever it is carried away, requiring your unique PIN to deactivate it. IfAutomower® is lifted off the ground or tips over, the blades – which are located in the middle of the machine, far from the edge of the mower – will automatically stop. The Husqvarna Automower 415X is equipped with LED lights that you can set to always on, on at the evening, on at evening and night or always off. Verdict– Is this robot any good? What are the pros and cons? How does it perform compared to other mowers in the same price range? Quietness The Husqvarna Automower 415x is virtually silent, which is a big plus if you have hyperacusis (a condition when everyday sounds seem louder than they should), and it could easily run overnight without disturbing the neighbors.To make this robotic lawn mower even more time efficient you should play around with the intelligent mapping zones. Programming and features FOR ADVICE AND A PERSONALISED QUOTE FOR YOUR GARDEN FOR THE AUTOMOWER & INSTALLATION PLEASE CALL US ON 07774 428352 (NIGEL PLAYER) The robot mower can be set to run at any time to suit; it is safe to operate around pets and children, and should it come up against any obstacles it will simply stop, turn around, and continue on its way. Automower® uses 3 pivoting blades to cut the surface of the lawn very little and often – you won't be able to see the clippings – and in turn creates a noticeably different, beautifully finished lawn. Automower® 415X has a cutting width of 22 cm and a height of cut adjustable 20-50 mm. Two special brushes, one has a very slim and steep shape and the other is a small brush with a scraper for removing grass and dirt The 2022 version of the Automower 415X (and last years version if you update the software) come with a handy feature named intelligent mapping. It’s a brand new feature where the robot lawn mower analyzes your lawn by GPS and measuring data, and then saves a map of it. You can use that map to create different zones, and each zone can have its individual mowing schedule and cutting height. This means you can have one zone that is temporarily not being mowed at all, and other areas being mowed more or less often.

The spiral cutting feature is by far one of our favourites. If the robot lawn mower detects uncut areas with grass of a certain height, it will make a circular motion and extend that circle for each lap – just like some of the robot vacuum cleaners do. You can set the intensity of this feature. The intensity setting determines how tall the grass has to be to trigger the feature. This feature works really well. And the neat part is that you can keep the mowing schedule to a minimum if you use it since the spiral motion will help determine if Automower 415X has missed any areas. In the settings area of the app you can adjust the installation fittingly, like changing how far it should drive past the boundary wire (depends on how much edge cutting you want) and what cutting height it should have. If it is the first start of the season you can set a target height and the mower will then start off by mowing at a bigger cutting height and gradually lower it during the coming weeks until it reaches the target.The new intelligent mapping feature is available to both the brand new 2022 version of Husqvarna Automower 415X and to last year’s version. The firmware version ends with 5.20 and is pushed out to all 415X owners during march and april 2022. You can read more about this feature and how to install it here. What are the different Husqvarna Automower models? This means that if you schedule Automower 415X to work 7-12 it will be out mowing the lawn for three hours that day. We estimate you need to have it out mowing every weekday (not weekend) for this schedule to be sufficient enough for the full recommended size to be mowed. Perfectly acceptable! Besides the AIM functionality, you can also program up to three different starting points. Since the robot lawn mower come with guide wire support you can fine-tune your installation so that the robot a certain percentage of the time travels via the guide wire to a remote area and start mowing there instead of close to the station. We are currently still evaluating the AIM functionality so we will update this review as soon as we feel we’ve gathered more data. So far we have a good understanding of the basic functionality. We have programmed two different cutting zones and one “no go zone”. Performance & terrainability– What types of lawns can it handle? Under what conditions does it run into trouble?

Despite following the guidance on wire placement to the letter, or rather centimeter, the Husqvarna Automower 415x managed to break out on several occasions. Each time sending a text to alert us of its errant behavior. Its main escape route was at the bottom of the mildly sloping lawn, but only if approaching the wire head-on; at an angle it was fine. Spot cutting Brilliant for under the patio table (which needs to be moved out of the way). Just pop the mower in position and press Spot cutting mode on the menu. Once done it carries on with its usual schedule. Clever stuff. The majority of robot lawnmowers use what’s essentially an invisible fence to stay in your yard. As part of the setup process, you have to string a wire around the edge of your property; this wire connects to the base station, which sends a low-voltage current through the wire. The robot lawnmower senses this current and turns to stay on your lawn. Husqvarna’s automower app gives you access to additional features of the 415X, but it’s not as comprehensive as the apps you’ll find with some of the best robot vacuums. Within the Husqvarna app, you can create a schedule for when it should mow your lawn, adjust the cutting height, and view statistics of how often the mower cut your grass. Husqvarna Automower 415X is clearly smaller than its bigger sibling Automower 430X. While the standard series Automowers, like 310 Mark II and Automower 315 are physically identical to each other even though they are meant for different sized lawns, the Automower 415X and the Automower 430X are not at all the same.


Included with the 415X is a 1,300-foot spool of wire and a bunch of small plastic stakes. Installing this boundary wire is the most time-consuming aspect of the entire process, as you have to work your way around your yard, pounding in the stakes every foot or so. (You’ll also likely have to adjust the wire later depending on how the robot lawnmower reacts when it encounters objects near the wire.) Step 3: Locate the four screws holding the collision pillars, as shown in the image. Unscrew these four torx-screws. However, we love that the 415X robot lawn mower is IPX5. It’s so easy to rinse the wheels and the blades when needed. In addition to the above, we also recommend using the latest version of the Automower® Connect app. Firmware version

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