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Games Workshop - Warhammer 40,000 - Kill Team: T'au Empire Pathfinders

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It’s been a tumultuous few weeks for Kill Team, and a busy time since our last Meta Analysis. We’ve seen the release of a balance dataslate in March, a series of big FAQ updates in April, and the release of a new Kill Team with the Void Dancer Troupe. This past weekend marks the first to incorporate results from the new FAQ, and so now felt like a good time to revisit the Kill Team meta and talk about what’s working and how things have changed.

There aren’t any optional extras with the Sisters – but, to be completely honest, they aren’t really needed. The vast amount of diversity and unique options across the kit makes it to attaching any extras may almost seem like overkill. That said, though, there are still lots of spares on the sprue once you’ve finished if you feel like getting a few extra parts on your figures or kitbashing some of the extras onto your other figures. Scenery Martial Philosopher: When a friendly SHAS’UI PATHFINDER operative uses its Art of War ability, you can select which Art of War this operative benefits from (it can be a different Art of War to what other friendly operatives benefit from). A drone with a 4+ invulnerable save, and a 5+ feel no pain on top of that. This drone basically functions as a secondary medic in the shooting horde match ups, and as a hilarious way to tie up models with medium-to-poor melee skill. Try charging into a 3A WS 4+ model and watch it flail against your feel no pains for multiple turning points. Mv7 Marker Drone When it comes to shooting hordes however, the rail rifle hits the 7W breakpoint about as reliably as the hot ion rifle, so you can skip the chance at hot biting you in the ass without losing much reliability. In the end this is a hotly contested topic, and to each their own. My personal roster has 2 of each so that I can switch weapons based on my opponents. DronesOf course, our brave Novitiates also have plenty of exclusive wargear they can collect on their travels. We’re particular fans of the Auto-chastiser, which lets you re-roll as many 1s as you like. Of course, if you roll more 1s, you take mortal wounds. The God-Emperor giveth, and He taketh away… Even more fun is their upgrade sprue, which houses enough parts to make 10 distinct kinds of operative, ranging from the relic-bearing Novitiate Pronatus to the Novitiate Exactor with her twin neural whips. This evolved Pathfinders kill team has access to exciting new toys including a manual control system for their drone support, a marksman rail rifle with inertial dampeners and silent dart rounds, and a debonair pair of wrap-around shades for every team member. Shas’ui Pathfinder Are you really, really into the whole “no I in team” concept? Do you dream of serving the greater good? Do you really want to stay out of melee? Do you want to play with an actually competitive team for the T’au faction? Then Pathfinder teams might be the teams for you! The aforementioned Movement rules allow you to push flanks and open up new lines of fire across the killzone.

Tac op 1: Mark Enemy Movements – If your game plan is to eliminate scary opposing game pieces, then this will end up much harder than it looks at the outset. However, if you are able to drop 2 MLs on the entire enemy team, then this should be theoretically easy to score. Probably best used against elites, where 12 MLs on turn 1 is more easily doable. I don’t often take this, but on certain boards it can be easier to set up.This ability allows Drones to act as the target of shooting actions that would have otherwise targeted a nearby friendly non-Drone Pathfinder operative – another reason to keep Drones near your most important operatives. Markerlights If they didn’t put markerlights in here, we would be awfully disappointed. You’ll have to decide how many markerlights to shoot each turn and how many regular guns, but if you play Tau, you’re used to that. Recon Sweep allows you to Dash around the edges of the killzone, fantastic for getting early ground and setting up crossfires on the enemy. Tac op 2: Patient Hunter – If more than half of your team is concealed and you score more primary mission VP, you can score this. I’ve often found this to be too hard. When your team is 7w 5+sv, it’s hard to actually stay concealed on open boards, while somehow winning on primary missions more than 1 turn. I’ve generally skipped this. Compared to the last Kill Team expansion, so far Chalnath feels like a big step in the right direction – even if it is more expensive. The box feels bigger, heavier, and more exciting. There’s a pleasing absence of horrible little bits of boring cuboid scenery, and instead there’s a pile of detailed battlescape to make your games with this kit all the more immersive.

Durability– Pathfinders take punches as hard as they deal them. 7 wounds on a 5+ armor save makes them about as durable as the standard guardsman, but unlike some other imperial factions they can’t use their faith to get an activation from death.Hello, I achieved a box of pathfinders (the KT one) and wondered how to build them. I messed around with BattleScribe and builded that roster below. Now I have some questions:

Pathfinders are some of the bravest warriors in the T’au Empire, pushing forward beyond positions of safety to take key ground for the Greater Good. With lots of operatives, Pathfinders can be great for this in Kill Team, giving you board control and objective dominance. A Worthy Cause [2cp]– This went from something you’d use every turn to once a game and now only when you’ve lost initiative… A Worthy Cause has had a mighty fall from grace. Yet even at 2 CP it still remains one of the best tools in the Pathfinders’ toolkit. This is used once per game at the start of the Firefight phase if you lost the initiative to get a free activation for a friendly non-Drone operative that is either within 3″ of an enemy operative or 2″ of the centre of an objective marker, essentially letting you steal the Initiative from an opponent for 2 CP. This gives you the complete Tau Pathfinder Kill Team Roster with each possible option at least available once. You’ve got all specialists and drones as well as some ‘basic’ Pathfinder choices. With this roster, you should be able to field every competitively viable composition.Reliant Support: Each time you would use the Supporting Fire Tactical Ploy and select this operative, that Tactical Ploy costs 0 CP for that use. Alright, it doesn’t come in the box, but we’ll never get tired of seeing the Krieg Sergeant take down a Kommando Nob in close combat . 10. Your Trusty Lasgun Has Unlimited Range No more waiting around for your turn – both players swap between activating one operative at a time , so you’re never more than a minute away from the action. 16. Blow Up a Whole Squad of ‘Umies With a Squig Almost every Pathfinder carries a markerlight, and the cumulative benefits make coordination between team members vital for getting the most out of your powerful guns. All of this fervour and piety does actually pay off, you see. The more zealous your Novitiates are in the prosecution of their duties – skulking around, sneaking about, covertly chunking enemy operatives with giant swords – the more points you earn to spend on Acts of Faith. And what do faith points mean? Re-rolls and extra crits. Devotion pays dividends.

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