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Dandy Annual 2022

Dandy Annual 2022

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Korky's Toy Shop", with a mechanical Desperate Dan pushing a tin of red paint (on a shelf above Korky) onto him. Price 6/- Thanks to The Dandy, The Beano and other D C Thomson comics which followed, Dundee gained a reputation as a major centre of the comics industry, and has been called the 'comic capital of Britain'. [9] [10] [11] Partly as a result of this legacy, the city is now home to the Scottish Centre for Comic Studies. [10] [11] The connection is also marked by bronze statues of Desperate Dan and The Beano character Minnie the Minx installed in the city's High Street in 2001. Designed by Tony Morrow, the Desperate Dan statue, which also features his dog Dawg, is the most photographed of 120 pieces of public art in the city. [9] [10] [12] In July 2001 the cover of The Dandy featured Dan visiting Dundee and encountering his statue. [9] In December 2012 the University of Dundee held an exhibition in partnership with D C Thomson to mark the comic's 75th anniversary. [3] See also [ edit ]

This information is necessary to identify older annuals which are not dated. If an annual is dated 1940, it would have been published in August 1939. Prices are in shillings and pence with one shilling equal to 5p.


On 19 March 2012 the Royal Mail launched a special stamp collection to celebrate Britain's rich comic book history, which included The Dandy among many others. [7] In September 1985, the ailing Nutty was merged with The Dandy, bringing with it the Bananaman strip. Just over a year later, the short-lived Hoot was also merged with The Dandy, most notably incorporating the character Cuddles into the pre-existing comic strip Dimples to form Cuddles and Dimples, another of The Dandy's longest running comic strips. The Dandy Annual is the current name of the book that has been published every year since 1938, to tie in with the children's comic The Dandy. As of 2015 [update] there have been 78 editions. The Dandy Annual still continues to be published, even though the weekly comic ended in 2013. The annuals are traditionally published in July or August, in time for Christmas, and since 1965 they have had the date of the following year on the cover. Before then no date was given.

Staff. "The Dandy goes out of print on its 75th anniversary". The Times. London. Archived from the original on 3 December 2012. In 1982 the Dandy comic libraries were released, which later became known as the Fun Size Dandy. These were small-format comics usually featuring one or two long stories starring characters from The Dandy and occasionally other DC Thomson comics.The Dandy was a Scottish children's comic magazine published by the Dundee based publisher DC Thomson. [3] The first issue was printed in December 1937, making it the world's third-longest running comic, after Il Giornalino (cover dated 1 October 1924) and Detective Comics (cover dated March 1937). From August 2007 until October 2010, it was rebranded as Dandy Xtreme. Three pictures of Korky, first in a rowing boat, and then in a large umbrella after Hungry Horace sunk said boat. Price 6/6 Korky the Cat in a top hat and a bow tie while smoking a cigar, as he walks down a red carpet with Desperate Dan. Price 6/- Korky the Cat and other then-current Dandy characters are displayed in stars (and the Bellboy is aiming at them). Price 6/-

Three pictures with Korky eating a meal and in a letter box with chains wrapped around it. Price 7/- The Dandy Annual is the current name of the book that has been published by D.C. Thomson every year since 1938, to tie in with the children's comic The Dandy. As of 2020 there have been eighty-three editions, with another ( The Dandy Annual 2021) due. The annuals are traditionally published in August, in time for Christmas, and since 1965 they have had the date of the following year on the cover. Before then no date was given. Three pictures of Korky in a rowing boat, using a magnet to catch fish (even though fish are not made of metal!). Price 6/6 That’s easy, when listing your comics for sale on 3rd party marketplaces be sure you include the following:Ummm… cause we’re awesome. Also, most comic collections are made up of non-graded comics. Don’t get us wrong, grading is a great way to preserve and authenticate the condition of your comic, but it’s also important to know what the other 95% of your raw collection is worth. That’s why we do all the leg work and show both graded and raw values. WHY ARE SOME SALES MISSING? Comic Title, Issue #, Issue Year, Variant Info (usually the cover artists last name), and Grade info. Three pictures of Korky in a train with some fishermen. They go through a tunnel and he has eaten their fish. Price 6/6 a b Dandy owner DC Thomson to end comic's printed edition, BBC News, 16 August 2012 , retrieved 16 August 2012

From 1938 to 1951 the annuals were called The Dandy Monster Comic. The name changed to The Dandy Book in the following year and continued, the year changing for each different annual, until the release of the 2003 book in 2002 when it was renamed "Annual". This approach helps to ensure that most of your comics have a reasonable value estimate based only on real sales data (not speculation).


If that specific condition has no sale values available, we will show you the FMV for the most common condition of that comic (either raw or slabbed) a b Willie Russell (2008). "George Morgan Thomson" (PDF). The Royal Society of Edinburgh Knowledge made useful. Royal Society of Edinburgh . Retrieved 11 February 2020. Indicates that the user entered a slabbed comic with the grade of 9.6. When there are no sales for that grade we show the FMV for the most common condition. (e.g. 8.0)

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